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Putting your supporters first

Gifts in wills are typically the largest gift your supporter will pledge in their lifetime. Your supporters get the satisfaction of knowing they will change what your charity can do once they are gone. 

There have been high profile cases where surviving family have challenged charitable gifts (e.g. Illott v Blue Cross an others [2017]).

With Capacity Vault your supporters get additional peace of mind knowing their wishes have additional protection. 

Protecting your charity

A challenge to a gift in a will puts your charity in a difficult position. Contesting a legal claim takes time, resource and money from your team. You have a duty to pursue gifts pledged in wills.

You have to also consider concerns around public perception of the charity. Not all news outlets will see your charity's side. Reputation damage is a real risk. 

You can provide Capacity Vault to supporters. Capacity Vault will mitigate the chance of any challenge. If a relative of your supporter contests a gift they (and any court or tribunal) will be able to see your supporter explaining their choices first hand. 

Work with us

Get in touch with our dedicated charities team. You can offer Capacity Vault to your supporters directly or through us or our certified partners. 

We want you and your supporters to know that pledges in wills to your charity hold absolute minimum risk.

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