Protect your wishes

Secure verifiable digital evidence of
your testamentary and mental capacity

Why does mental capacity matter?

Your wishes can be challenged by someone who thinks they should receive more from you.

They may well say you didn't know what you were doing when you made your will or LPA - that you lacked "capacity".

The court must decide on the evidence available whether you had capacity when you made your will or LPA.

Capacity Vault provides the evidence courts need. Seeing is believing.

How it works

Step 1

Watch a short tutorial before you get started.

Step 2

Make a short call to Capacity Vault for your peace of mind.

Step 3

Permanent, legally verifiable evidence for those you trust.

Why choose Capacity Vault?

Accessible system for all ages and abilities.

We are accessible to people with hearing or visual impairments. Our clear messages allow anyone to protect their wishes.

Permanent and secure storage of your evidence.

We use secure long-term storage facilities. That means your evidence is protected from attacks.

Legally certified storage and recovery procedures.

We give every customer a secure and tamper-proof digital seal. That means we can legally certify evidence for the courts.

Free access to your evidence for those closest to you.

We deliver a fully legally certified copy of your evidence to our subscribers' executors if your will is challenged - for free.

Unique, encrypted digital ID for every piece of evidence

Once you make your call we give it a secure ID or "hash". That means we can prove all evidence we hold is genuine.

Designed and approved by Trust and Estate Practitioners.

The senior solicitor and barrister on our team are STEP members and/ or fully qualified TEP practitioners.

Awards for Capacity Vault

Modern Law Private Client Awards Best Use of Technology Winner
Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Awards - 2023
Modern Law Private Client Awards Best Innovation Winner

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