Our will writing partners

Working with solicitors and will writers

We work alongside solicitors and will writers to provide peace of mind when making a will.

We take a full verifiable record of a testator's testamentary capacity at the time they make their will.

This video record is stored using aspects of cryptography and blockchain technology. Our recordings are therefore both secure and tamper proof.

If a will is challenged we do the following:

  • make a certified copy of the original recording;
  • provide a this certified copy to all parties in the dispute: claimant, defendant, executors and solicitors;
  • provide this evidence to the court along with the statutory declarations and Larke v Nugus letters required for the recording to be submitted as evidence.

Our processes mean the chance of a claim related to testamentary capacity is vanishingly unlikely to reach court.

Our Partners

We work with the following providers who have active charity partnership campaigns:

1. Make a Will Online - https://makeawillonline.co.uk

Make a Will Online have been making online wills since 2008. They are the only online provider to have received consent under the Solicitor's Regulation Authority's "Innovation" scheme to provide services of solicitors to the public.

2. Digilegal - https://www.digilegal.co.uk/wills

Digilegal wills launched in 2019 providing a hybrid of online and telephone wills to consumers.

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