Protecting your supporters

How Capacity Vault can help your supporters

Capacity Vault provides an opportunity for your supporters to demonstrate their testamentary capacity at the time they make their last will and testament.

We will take your supporters through a short process of tutorials and questions. We will take a secure recording of your supporters wishes, we will encrypt the videos. By using aspects of blockchain technology we can produce verified and tamper-proof copies of these recordings when required. 

In the event of a challenge to your supporters' wishes we will do the following:

  1. produce a certified copy of your supporter's Capacity Vault recording;
  2. prepare all of the legal documentation (including statutory declarations) required to submit the recordings as evidence; 
  3. provide copies of these recordings to all parties in a dispute as well as to the Courts. 

Doing this will give all parties what they need to eliminate issues of testamentary capacity from a dispute or potential dispute. 

Your suppoters' wishes first

Nobody wants to see a contested will. Not least a supporter who wants to remember a charity. 

It is our belief that the wishes of the testator should come first. A supporter whose wishes are challenged would be doubly disappointed. 

Firstly - disappointment that the gift they pledged could be at risk. A will is an important document setting out the last wishes of the deceased. Your supporter would be affronted at the idea that their solemn wishes could be challenged. 

Secondly - a supporter would be mortified at the cost, expense and delay of a challenge. Your charity will suffer delays in receipt of the funds, you will also have to expend valuable time and resource managing the challenge - not to mention the costs. 

Your supporters' peace of mind

Capacity Vault will take a record of everything that your supporter needs to provide to protect their wishes. 

By taking advantage of the services Capacity Vault offers they know that the gifts in their will are protected. 

The protections offered to your supporters cover not only charitable gifts. Your supporters are given the opportunity to record their wishes in respect of their wealth, their family and friends. They can set out who they want to remember in their will - and be specific about anyone they do not wish to remember in their will too.

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