For Solicitors

How Capacity Vault helps solicitors

Protecting your clients protects your brand and your business. 

Your clients will receive unparalleled peace of mind knowing they have mitigated their risks. Simultaneously: you know that the chance of challenge and a potential claim is similarly reduced.

Our work with solicitors

You will know that any time your firm takes on a will instruction you can use Capacity Vault. Whether a junior associate or trainee is at a site visit with a first instruction for an elderly client - or a senior partner is preparing a codicil for a firm's best client. You know that every solicitor can take a peerless testamentary capacity record.

What's more - in the case of a challenge Capacity Vault will prepare the necessary Larke v Nugus letter and all associated documents and statutory declarations. 

We can provide these as well as or instead of your contemporaneous notes. This will offer peerless, double-bolted security for your client and your firm. 

Capacity Vault for your law firm

Your firm can benefit from unlimited access to Capacity Vault for a fixed fee. 

The Capacity Vault service is accessible to each and every one of your clients - no matter their age or state of health. 

Once you sign up every one of your clients can make a will and have the peace of mind of a secure record of their testamentary capacity. 

As a participating law firm you will mitigate any risks to yourselves or your clients.  You will also be able to offer industry leading service to your clients.

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