Will writers and Capacity Vault

We work with Will Writers

Increasingly consumers are turning to experienced professional will writers to prepare their wills. This is for the sake of cost, convenience and for the ways in which will writers can deliver their services. 

The standards and liability applied to professional will writers is the same as for other professionals and experts in the field. 

A claim against a will writer if a will is challenged is an existential threat.

We work with professional will writers to mitigate the chance of a claim. 

What we do to protect your business

As a professional will writer you can offer Capacity Vault to every customer of yours. Access to Capacity Vault will provide security and sustainability to your will writing business. 

The chance of a claim on the grounds of testamentary capacity will be substantially reduced and the chance of such a claim reaching court almost completely eliminated.

In the event of a claim you will not have to provide the documentation and evidence necessary to submit a Larke v Nugus letter to court. You will not have to prepare and execute the associated statutory declarations.

All of this means that your time and the continued health of your business is protected.

Be the best for your customers and clients

As a professional will writer you can sign up to Capacity Vault with a fixed fee monthly contract or with a pay-as-you-go solution. 

Both of these will offer excellent value to your customers and clients as well as the associated peace of mind. 

Whichever solution you choose, Capacity Vault will use its unique technology to make sure you and your customers are protected. 

For every user we will: 

  • create and store an encrypted, secure, verifiable recording of your client's testamentary capacity;
  • provide certified copies of this recording to all parties in the event of a claim against the estate; and 
  • provide a Larke v Nugus letter and all associated documentation and declarations in the event of a claim against the estate.

It doesn't matter if you make 1 recording or 100. If your customer uses Capacity Vault you will know that we will help you carry these burdens and mitigate your risk. 

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